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    @@@REY SOL BUY UPDATE!! @@@

    I just got off the phone with Sazerac! They want to expedite our Rey Sol Buy. We are going to bring one barrel in at time into the US. The first one we are going to try to get here and at a store by you in September! I need the first 40 or so people interested to comment with what state and city you are in. (Anyone in NC will get it shipped to GA or SC. we are working on other states that may be an issue as well). Only the people purchasing cases should post here. There is another post for splitting cases. Cost Around $1200 for a case of 4

    1) Mark Cherney Riverside, CA

    2) Eric Bohl, San Jose, CA

    3) Nishil Patel Houston, Texas.

    4) Aaron Kolitz Austin, TX

    5) Brent Fisher Richmond Indiana

    6) Chris N Katrina Murrietta CA

    7) Bill Bumgarner, SJ, CA.

    8 ) Shane P. Ely Del Rey Beach, FL

    9) Maggie Quintanilla Manning, SC

    10) Maggie Quintanilla Manning, SC

    11)Steve Tonsi Austin, tx

    12) Erin Lambert, Sparta NJ.

    13)Francisco J. Garcia Houston TX

    14) Omar Paredes San Jose, CA

    15) Jeff Knowles Portland Oregon

    16) Eric Schiffman Green Brook, New Jersey.

    17) Cesar Rojas Zarazua Royal Oaks, CA

    18) Michael Stcyr fort Collins CO.

    19) David Selby Atlanta, GA

    20) Rolando Navarro Woodland California

    21) Holger Holgerson Walterboro, SC

    22) Victor Manuel Escamilla Livermore ca

    23) Ricky Sanchez

    24) King Stone St Petersberg, FL

    25) Phil-Leah Raeihle Durham, NC

    26) Doug Mason Escondido, CA

    27) Joseph Higginbotham Raleigh NC

    28) Laurence Krähe Covington GA

    29) Holger Holgerson Walterboro, SC

    30) Kevin Lancaster New Orleans, LA

    31) Rick Hardester Conway, ARKANSAS (AR)

    32) Erick Thornquist Wichita Kansas

    33) Ruben Ortega Springfield Oregon

    34 )Kim Gordon Phoenix, AZ

    35) Angelica N Alberto Jimenez San Antonio TX

    36) Jim Cameron Longmeadow Mass

    37) Wayne Richard Parker, Co

    38) Laurence Krähe Covington, GA

    39) David Ortega Detroit, MI

    40) Nick Davie Howard, FL

    41) Dave Cuozzo Fort Worth, TX

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