About The Collective

Hi!  My name is Mark Cherney.  I am the founder and buy coordinator for the Tequila Barrel and Agave collective.  This started as a passion project for me.  It’s a way to allow tequila and agave spirits fans like you and me to get access to special edition spirits normally afforded to those who run bars or liquor stores.  I took it a step further and used my connections to some of the greatest tequilas and mezcal producers in the world to get this group access to some really special edition agave spirits.

In the first 4 years of the collective we have successfully purchased over 12 barrels and batches of super premium, great tasting, hard to find tequilas.  Due to demand from our group members, we are currently expanding into non- barrel aged agave spirits like high proof blanco tequilas, mezcals, raicillas, sotols and destilados de agave.

I hope you join us in participating in these great buys and enjoy some of these great spirits from some of the best producers in the world.  Salud!

Join The Collective 

The collective updates are located on our new discord Server.  If you would like to participate in our buys, there is a $10/month Membership fee for priority and you get to be apart of our discord community where there is a lot of information on Agave spirits being shared.  You can join the collective Here:  https://mee6.gg/m/931777194324287549

What Our Group Members Say

Thanks to the Tequila Barrel Collective I now own this Gem!
Absolutely love it! Beautiful bottle too! Salud

Lupe Hurtado, Rey Sol 10 year aged Barrel 1 buy

Well for those that missed this last order of 10 year Rey Sol ……..it is some of the best i’ve had. I hope you think ( its too expensive, as i definitely did as well) only because i want there to be some left to buy more of the next release. It’s gonna be hard to top that quality! I’ve gone through a dozen bottles of tears …..this release was better. Not sure if i’d trade 6 bottles of tears for 4 bottles of this release, but would definitely order 2/3 – if they were as good as this one. The only bummer about the ridiculous quality of this juice, is that it will be gone far to fast!

Brian Byers, Rey Sol 10 Year aged barrel 1 buy

Picked up my bottles today and I’m very pleased so far. For my tastes, it better once it opens up in the glass. Nicely done!

Nishil Patel, Rey Sol 10 year aged barrel 1 buy

Taste is much better than expected . GREAT job Tequila Barrel and agave collective!!

Jack Cole, Corazon Blantons Anejo Buy

Got mine today, cracked open the 5 year already. Truly amazing, thank you Tequila Barrel and Agave Collective!

Kim Gordon, G4 5 year aged special barrel buy

How It Works

Must Reside In the U.S. To Participate