About Our Rey Sol 10 Year Aged 20th Anniversary Extra Anejo

What the special bottle and packaging looks like

The Tequila Barrel and Agave Collective is thrilled to offer it’s members a special barrel buy from Casa San Matias.  This is the Rey Sol 10 year aged 20th Anniversary Edition Rey Sol buy.  This buy consists of two barrels that taste completely different.  Barrel 29 which is the barrel we are offering currently has a robust flavor profile rich in baking spices from cooked agave which is mixed nicely with the flavors from aging for 10 years in custom made (just for the 20th anniversary edition) French oak barrels.

The flavor profile of this particular barrel consist of cinnamon from the cooked agave, roasted almonds, sweet woodiness, dark cherries, vanilla and a creamy butterscotch.  It’s delicious and a true representation of what an amazing new french oak barrel aged extra añejo tequila should taste like.  I like it better than Tears of Llorona!

Our barrels were in this stack!

What Makes This Buy Special

What makes this buy special is several things.  First, the regular Rey Sol is aged 6 years in French Oak barrels while this one is aged 10 years.  The barrels for this batch were special custom made barrels that Casa San Matias filled 10 years ago to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a 10 year aged version of this tequila.  Additionally, this tequila is bottled at 90 proof compared to the 80 proof of the normal 6 year aged.

Our barrels were hand selected by me personally and were the first two barrel of this tequila offered to anybody.So I got to taste quite a few samples from the barrels being offered and all of them were verry different as you will see if you buy from each barrel.  Most were good, but not nearly as good as the ones selected for our buy.

Why Has It Taken So Long

I know we have been expecting this tequila for a while.  We tried something different when it came to trying to get it to our members.  Because of the size of the boxes these bottles come in, it makes it more costly to ship.  So Sazerac thought it would be better if we had the cases routed to each state where members reside and allow them to pick them up at a local store.  Well, to keep it brief, this experiment was an epic fail.  Where we had the most trouble is the manager for each state had to enter it into their State system and since we didn’t have a lot of cases going to rach state, they just weren’t interested or said they would take care of it but them didn’t.  So we suffered because of that.  That has all changed and I arranged with an online retailer to take the remaining cases and ship them to the people that want them.  This should be ready to go soon. Hopefully early August.

The bottle is 100% crystal and designed by Mexican artist Sergio Bustamonte.

How Do I Get Some?

We are in the process of setting this up with our online retailer. So it’s currently not ready to order. If you go to the buy page and sign up to the buy, you will be placed on the email list for updates on this buy. Right now the pricing is $1200 for a case of 4 bottles but we are working on better pricing since the wait has taken so long. Updates will be sent out through the email list only so even if you are interested in just a bottle, sign up for updates. Since case buyers get lower pricing and priority, there may not be any left over for offering individual bottles.

This Buy is SOLD OUT