About Our Buys

When we look into presenting a buy to our group, we look for agave spirits that one cannot just walk into any store and buy.  Our barrels are specifically for us and are all limited editions. It is important that if you want to participate in the buy, sign up before the buy is completely sold out.

Our Panel of experienced aficionados travel to Mexico to visit the distilleries and select the super premium tequilas and agave spirits for our group.  They are pre-tasted and tasting notes will be provided most of the time.  On occasion, we are also offered special buys where our group will be the first in the U.S. to receive a particular agave spirit.  This really makes our offerings special.

The Tequila Barrel and Agave Collective does not sell or ship our spirits to the consumer.  Instead,  we partner with a retail partner who handles taking payment and shipping our buys to participants in the United States only.  We do not offer these buy to anyone outside the US,

Buys Happening Now